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Thursday, April 30, 2009

One, Two...34

Today is my birthday!! I celebrated yesterday with Chase, Ryder, and Turner because I wanted to celebrate with my boys and today I am jet-setting to Key West with Todd for some much needed R&R. Today is a great day. I am OK turning 34, in fact I have no qualms at all with adding another tally next to my years. Sometimes I forget how old I am. Someone will ask my age and I will have to think before I answer. I am not sure if this is a sign of aging or a Freudian act of denial. Sometimes, I think I am in my twenties and wonder who is responsible for the three young kids running wild only to discover a decade has passed and those kids are in fact mine! Sometimes, I feel so tired and achy I think I am well beyond my actual years. Most days, no matter what I am feeling, I am blown away at how quickly it all happens. 21 years ago I became a Bat Mitzvah. 16 years ago I graduated from high school and 12 years ago from college. To quantify the years since these milestones is what makes it so astonishing. All of it seems like just a few years ago, it is amazing how quickly you go from one and two to thirty four. Now, I have three young boys whose aging and growth will transform the passing of time into even more of a raceway. Age really is just a number. And I welcome a new number because that is what is supposed to happen. If you are not aging you are not alive and if you are livin' then it does not feel much like aging anyway. So, Happy Birthday to me, until next year!!

Celebrating with my boys

Blowing out the Candles

Celebrating 34 at the airport!

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