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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Letter to my Son on his Three Month Birthday!

Dear Turner,

Happy Three Month Birthday!! In one of the few baby books I read, admittedly most of these few were prior to your brothers' birth, it said the first three months of a baby's life is like it's 4th trimester, still needing the comforts of the womb yet adjusting to being removed from it. I suppose this is true, and therefore I welcome you to the rest of your life:)
You seem much more mature than just three months as you are very alert and very strong and have good head control.
You are the most pleasant baby, laid back and relaxed most of the time.
You seem to love music, your brother's, and anyone who shows you some undivided attention.

You are a great sleeper and are going about 10 hours. We have dropped a feeding as a result and you are now at four a day. As much and as quickly as you ate in your first two months you have reached a plateau and for a while were not finishing any of your bottles. We now make you 6 ounces but it is usually a guess as to how much you will take.

Although you seem like a big boy to me, and one piece outfits are a tough fit on you, when I look at your beautiful little face, it still seems so small.
You now have control of your smile and know exactly how to use it to melt mommy's heart. You smile often, and it seems you may have a dimple on your right cheek. I love it when you smile in response to me. Though you have not laughed yet, you want to and it seems you try when we make silly faces or touch you. You are very ticklish; your feet, your belly, your face.

We have welcomed some friends this month- Sawyer Matthew Cohen and Jagger Dylan Fink. Won't it be fun when you all start playing. Both boys have sisters that are friends with Chase and Ryder.

If I had to guess I'd say you will have light hair. Though your eyes are still really blue I am not sure they will stay that way. You seem to be a look all of your own. Some people say you look like Ryder, others say Chase. Some people say you look like me, others say daddy. To me, you are a big combination of all of us and regardless you are extremely handsome, if I must say so myself. You have a perfectly round head, big eyes, long lashes, a tiny nose, and beautiful skin. I could not have dreamt you more beautiful.

Chase and Ryder love you. They call you "my baby, Turner Luke" and they are very much aware of your presence. They ask for you when you are not In the room with them and they greet you with hugs and with smiles when they see you. From your responsive glow I would say you love them too. I know they can't wait to have you join in their fun.

You are not yet on a set schedule, and who knows if you ever will be with the way I cart you around, but you are definitely establishing more of a pattern, allowing your awake time to be a bit more interactive.

You had your first overnight without mommy or daddy. Mom-Mom Jill stayed with you and your brothers' and it seems everyone had a great time. You did very well without us which makes us so proud.

You coo and you smile and I know you have so much to say. I talk right back at you and it won't be long before we share an actual conversation. Although I love to watch you sleep, peaceful and beautiful all at the same time, my favorite times are when you are awake lighting up my world with your grin. You are responsive and happy and I could not be more proud.

Every moment, every day, I love you so!!


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Pierce-ville said...

he's absolutely adorable wendy