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Monday, April 20, 2009


Turner has started rolling over. It's only been a few times, but truth is he does not get a lot of time to practice from the confines of his infant seat. The first time was at playgroup last week. We were all sitting at Ellen's simultaneosuly watching the bigger kids run amuck and the newborns lay and look cute. Turner was on his belly cooing and smiling. We were watching as he sat up on his elbows, head raised proud. He was trying to roll, he would lift his leg, then lift his arm, trying to use a combination of gravity and momentum. Then he did it, and we all applauded this milestone.
Since then he has rolled a few times. He always tries, when his mother allows him an opportunity, to go from back to belly or belly to back. He has a cheering squad in his brothers and me. We root him on with a "Go, Turner, Go" and an applause at every success, no matter how small and inconsistent!

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