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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today is Sunday. Today is also the fourth consecutive day of Chase and Ryder napping in their beds. It has been wonderful and has made for better children, well, most of the time.
After 6 months of car napping, if there was a nap, we were noticing recently that though the much needed downtime for me was nice, the boys were waking up as cranky as if there had been no nap at all. Perhaps they had a crink in their neck from sleeping with their chin on their chest. So, no longer pregnant and somewhat used to having three kids, I decided to try and transfer them. If they transfered...great! If not, I would deal with the long, cranky afternoon, though not necessarily gracefully.
Well, four days in and we are batting 1000.
Though Chase wakes up during the transfer, will ask for his covers, and for some music, he has yet to get out of bed before falling back to sleep. Ryder transfers no problem.
Until they voluntarily get into bed and take a nap I won't claim total victory, but for now, this one small success feels good!

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