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Monday, April 13, 2009


Long before I was even a thought in this world, the generation that built the foundation of my extended family started a Passover tradition that we continue to uphold. On the first Sunday of Passover we all gather for what we call Borscht and Keklentin. All of these years and I still have no idea how to spell that word. lThis gathering is casual, and usually has the best turnout of our widespread family.
I have been going to this family function for thirty three years and last year was the first time I ever tried the namesake soup. You know what, I really like borscht!!
The kids had a blast running around with their 13 other cousins; playing ball, blowing bubbles, picking dandelions, putting on a show. Even if they wait thirty-two years to taste borscht, I hope they have the same fondness for this tradition as we all do!

Cousin Gavi, Chase, and Ryder looking like trouble!

Cousin Eli

Emma and the bubbles

Chase and the bubbles

Ryder a mess

Chase, Ryder, and Cousin Rafi playing a trio

Dandelions for everyone

Delaney with a bunch

Alexandra and Emma

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