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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two Month Portrait!

When you have a baby, included in your six-digit price tag is a 3 day stay (4 days if you have a c-section,) a dosing of good drugs prior to birth, several dosings of OK drugs as needed afterwards, around the clock vital checking, unlimited television of limited stations, and 3 meals a day from a vast menu of sub-par food. As a special gift, your infant gets a free portrait sitting, but to even see the pictures, let alone get a copy, you must pay additional money. We bought the smallest package. A portrait of a three day old newborn is not often something you want too many copies of, because, though beautiful to its parents, newborns tend to look a bit like rats. Here is Turner's newborn shot, which I don't think is half-bad considering he is 72 hours old and weighs barely 7 pounds.

This go round of child-birthing I received a second free sitting- a two month portrait. Although I am sure they now offer this to everybody, since it was not part of my deluxe stay in 2006 I like to believe this is a returning guests gift, like a prize for those crazy enough to come back for more.
The sitting was free, but to view and purchase, there was a charge. At two months old, still blue-eyed, bald, and cute as can be Turner had an hour long photography session that has prepared him in case he should ever become a celebrity baby. In addition to his numerous poses, we also captured a few obligatory journalistic shots, which I do love. He cried out of hunger before the pictures began, but as the photographer promised, you can't tell in the photos. Here are the results of his photographic debut:

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