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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For the last ten years Todd has been getting partial season Flyers tickets.  Two seats.   It was always enough.  He would give some tickets to clients, take some friends, and take me to quite a few.  It was fun.
Then we went and had ourselves three sons and it became clear what was going to happen.   It happened slowly, but now that Chase and Ryder are old enough to enjoy a game, I have a feeling my live games are limited.
Because we only have two seats, Todd has to take each of the boys separately, which becomes a fantastic daddy/son date.   Ryder got first dibs this year.   Excited as can be (whether it was to watch hockey, spend time with daddy, or eat ice cream, hot dogs, and pretzels we are not sure) Ryder headed downtown with his daddy to watch the Flyguys spank the Montreal Canadians.
From what I was told, he enjoyed it much more than last year, asked 2000 questions, many thoughtful.  He cheered when we scored and asked why people were booing.  And, the next morning he knew that our team, the orange team, scored 5 points.
And, bettering himself from last year, he lasted through 2 whole periods before deciding he was tired and wanted to go home.

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