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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Letter to my Son on his Two Year Birthday!

Dear Turner,

Last night, on your last night of being one, when I checked on you before went I to bed you seemed so large in the crib. Nearly stretching completely from end to end.
I know you looked no different sleeping than you had the previous night when I checked on you, but now you seemed bigger, older.....just like that.

This morning you woke up....two years old! You woke up earlier than usual and about 30 minutes before your actual birth time and seemed larger, still. Large in life.
Always smiling, giggling, dancing, hopping there's never a doubt that you are overflowing with happiness, a trait that is enviable and one I hope you hold on to as you age. Today, though, you woke up supercharged with happiness. You were smothered with hugs and kisses and tickles and spoke non-stop, you asked for your Mimick, and got the remote, and grinned, beautifully, as you do.

"Oh mama, I can't even look at that bedhead of yours!"

You spent you morning at school, "Barbara's House," where I am told you had a good day. Your class sang to you and shared a snack. We had dinner, as tradition has become, around a hibachi table where we enjoyed a dinner show. It was good day. Saturday we will have your birthday party....a storytime with Mr. George (a favorite from our trips to Barnes and Noble!)

Two years old. It is rather incredible. We hardly remember your infancy, it feels like you were always a big kid. The grin on your face and the life in your eyes has always filled a room, even when you were small.
You have an infectious laugh, a bellying giggle that is easily triggered.  It is impossible not to have fun when you are around.

Your talking has improved drastically in the last few weeks.  You can now say almost anything we tell you and you talk often.  Non-stop, really.  All of the time.  In small sentences and with command.  Forcing me to look you in the eye when you speak, you will grab my chin and turn my head and look at me directly, pupil to pupil.  Your words, though attention grabbing and sometimes commanding, are still sweet and polite.  And, always offered with a smile.  Most of your words are pretty clear to me, though there are still some that leave me guessing.
Some of my favorite things you say include:  "follow me" then you grab my hand and take me where you want to go.  "hat on!"  A hat is what you call a lid, and every lid must be on.  Unscrew the milk cap, pour milk, and instantly, "hat on mommy, hat on!"    I laugh as I replace the lid that quickly.   A new favorite book of yours is Chicken Little, which you say, by rolling your tongue over and over as, llilllillill!  It makes us all laugh out loud.  You always refer to your brothers as "RyRy and Chase" and school is always "Barbara's house."  And, though I am not sure why, you always refer to me as Mama. You will now let me know when you have a dirty diaper by saying "pyuck" and holding your nose.  And, the favorite part of your day may be the moment you get your vitamins, or "minamins!"  You love them.  I am not even sure you are supposed to be taking them, but you do love them.  No matter how many times a day we say it to you, one thing we can't get you to repeat is "I love you!"  Words we want to hear so very bad.

You started school this week and so far it has been great.  You seem to really enjoy being at Barbara's House.
Although bed time and nap time issues have been resolved you do ask almost daily for a bed.  "Sleep in Chase's bed?"  When I say no, you say "me sleep bed, too!"  This is something we will work on going forward in the next few months.  I have told you that you need to use the potty first, we will see if that actually happens.  Although you have sat on the "pahpah" it is usually just to show your brothers where you are sitting.  You have never peed, nor have you even tried.  Not yet, anyway!!
Mickey is still MiMick, and your favorite, but "Yo Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba" is coming in a close second.  And, it seems, Barney may be a thing of the past.  I am not sorry about this.  Still, the only movie you will sit through is Pinocchio, "pokenoke" and your favorite part is in the beginning when Jiminy Cricket puts his hand on the wooden lady's butt.  You laugh, say "butt" and ask me to rewind.    You also love doing the Hokey Pokey, but the only body part you are interested in putting in is...your butt.  No doubt there that you are a Tovsky.
You can count along to three with me, and to be quite honest, we have never gone higher.  We haven't worked on letters other than T, and you usually answer blue or red for colors.  Perhaps I should start working on all of this stuff.  You do, however, know your body parts, and your animals.  You know how to strum a guitar like a pro, and have a natural ability to bang on the drums.  You love to clean up messes, and insist on all doors being closed.  You love to brush your teeth and have recently started undressing yourself, including once taking your diaper off.  I hope that once was enough for you.
You are curious and beginning to get into everything.  Every drawer must be rummaged through, every cabinet must be opened.  You are rambunctious and have energy and though you are coordinated (I think) you have not become, yet, much of a climber.
You walk around singing and humming and ask me to sing songs to you as well.  London Bridge, Hokey Pokey, Twinkle Twinkle, Hello Song and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, are the current top 5.  You always ask us to put music on at bedtime, and insist on picking the CD yourself.  You insist on picking most things.  A straw for your yogurt smoothies (which you drink several a day) has to be chosen by your little hands, socks, shoes, you must pick.  "I pick" and "do self" are commonly said phrases from your little mouth.

At your 2 year well-check you weighed in at exactly 27 pounds, 34 inches, and your head is 19 inches.  This lands you comfortably in the 50th percentile.  Though "Average" to the world, this is much heavier and longer than your brothers were at the same age.  And, though I expected otherwise, you did not get any shots at your appointment.  This was the case even though Ryder and Chase insisted on coming with us (and leaving school early) to hold your hand!!

You are a true joy.  You emit rays of happiness and joy and your presence brightens up a room.  You are  discovering your sense of humor, love to be silly, and laugh a laugh I just want to bottle.  Never a day, let alone a moment, passes where we do not look at you in awe.  In awe of your beauty, in awe of your personality, in awe of the boy you are becoming more of everyday.

Turner, Happy 2nd Birthday.  I love you so.....


Thinking about (with a smile) the trouble I can cause as a two year old!

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