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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let's Go Flyers!!

It's no secret that I am a Phillies fan.  They've always been my number one. I was raised that way.  The Eagles, and all of their disappointments, were in second place.  But, growing up,  my cousins were raised in a home where the Flyers reigned supreme.  And so, occasionally, I watched hockey.   I couldn't follow the puck, and that annoyed me.  But, the Flyers were always fun to root for!
Then I met Todd.  Todd would trade in the Eagles so long as he could keep his Flyers.  They are the very close second to the Phillies, and were probably his number one all those years that the Phillies sucked.  Which, amidst this dynasty talk, we forget how they are, once were, the losingest team in baseball.   We watched nearly every Flyers game and went to a few throughout the season and I learned to like the Flyers a lot!  Especially going to the games, the sounds, the actions.  Hockey gets my vote for greatest live sport to watch.  And, now I have three sons. It is being made clear to me, despite the subtlety, that I may never see a live Flyers game again.  A live professional sporting event again.
This season I did not get to one game. Todd went to eight games.
He gets partial season tickets. Two seats.  i see how these numbers work.  Todd took both Chase and Ryder, separately, to their first game.  They loved the game, and they loved one on one time with daddy.
The games Todd had designated were both in March.  Two weeks apart.  The games were assigned by a simple "pick your ticket from a hat" approach which we thought would be fair.  To decide who actually picked first we did rock, paper, scissors, a game the boys have no idea how to actually play and usually just throw scissors. But, somehow, Ryder was designated the picker, which put Chase into absolute tantrum mode.   But, as it would be Ryder picked the tickets for the second game, so Chase went first.
In the end, the boys went, individually, with Daddy to see their first ever Flyers game.  They went two weeks apart.  They both had fun for one whole period, but loved drinking soda and eating ice cream.
Next year we will hope for two periods.

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