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Monday, January 17, 2011


When I was young I was doodler.  My school notes, mail, once blank pieces of paper were all covered with my doodles.  Not being too imaginative, it was most often a combination of letters, swirls, zigzags, and twists.  They were hardly frameable.   I loved to draw, too.  I had a small skill of being able to draw decent, at best, if I was looking at the object.  From pictures, I could draw a copy of that picture.  My favorite ones, that I can still remember, was a drawing of Maggie Simpson, (which I put up on my wall in "The Simpsons" shrine.  Yes, that was concerning!) a drawing of Thing 1 and Thing 2, drawn on a bag from Nittany Notes, and copied upside down off of my t-shirt, and a shadowed pencil boxer, drawn for Todd, from a picture in an Encyclopedia.  A What?  An Encyclopedia!  An Encyclopedia, according to wiktionary, is a comprehensive reference work with a range of articles on many subjects.  Back then they were printed books.  Now, I wonder if you could even find an up to date printed encyclopedia.
Anyway, I enjoyed drawing even if I wasn't all that good and sometimes took myself a bit too seriously as I would buy portfolio books, and pencils, and oil crayons.
But that was then!  Now, there is no time for drawing and practicing any such things.  And, as with most things, anything that goes unpracticed becomes less sharp. So, when Ryder asked me to start drawing superheroes I felt both challenged and inspired.
I know I need work, and I am sure the "Learn to draw Superheroes" book we bought Ryder for Hanukkah may be necessary for me, but Ryder loved it and sure enjoyed coloring them.  Clearly, he is more talented than I!

Wonder Woman



Green Lantern

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