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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Barbara's House

Today, two days shy of two, Turner started school.  This is a milestone that is oh so bittersweet.  My baby, off to school.   At times I feel as though I am pushing him out the door.  Overcompensating for the fact that we tend to baby our last born too much, for too long.  Other times, most of the time, the times that led to this decision, I know he is a boy who is ready for school.  I want to believe he is my baby (he is!) but he believes he is a big boy.  Ready to do and to be as his brothers are.  Ready, as he says, for "Barbara's house!"

I remember when Chase and Ryder began school.  At 26 months old we were amidst twin toddlerhood, and I was 4 months pregnant...I was ready for them to go.  They were ready to go.  We needed to spend some time apart.   They cried, momentarily, as they did every day that year.  I cried, momentarily, just that once.  All was well.

With Turner, it's different.  He's my baby.  He's just one toddler, who by comparison, is less of a handful than two were.  He's the fun in my errands.

We initially decided to put Turner in school for two reasons.  One, so I could work a little for Todd.  Although I am excited to do some real mind work for him I should make it clear that Turner is in school for exactly 6 hours a week.  Hardly enough time for me to remember what errand I am supposed to run let alone work, but still.  We will figure it out.  Two, the teachers Turner has, Miss Barbara and Miss Jodi, have a reputation that can not be denied.  I was told "If you have an opportunity to have them, you must do it!"   They teach the toddler program (18 months as of Sept. 1!)  Neither I, nor Turner, were ready in September. So here we are, January, two days before his 2nd birthday and Turner is officially a papareem (butterfly!)Now, though, there is a third reason.   Turner himself.  He talks well.  He shares well.  He is independent. He is extremely social and has a developing charm and a blossoming mischief.  He needs school to allow all of these traits to continue to grow.   He will do great with his peers.  He will do great, I hate to say, without me.  Perhaps, that is a job well done so far?  As it turns out, this is the best reason of all to send our baby to school.

He has been there a million times.  Always screeching with excitement when we pull into RyRy and Chase's school.  Always wanting to carry their bags, and walk the steps himself, and hand in their folders.  He loves school, or just wants to be like them.  When his brothers go to school, it is "RyRy and Chase's Kool."  When he goes, it is "Barbara's house," a term he coined after one of several visits to, what was then, his future classroom.

We've been talking about it for some time.  We showed him his bag, which he carried around with pride.  We told him his buddy Jagger would be there.  I showed him his cubbie often, and his name on the door.  All preparing him for today.  Or, preparing me.

He did great.  He played.  He painted.  He used play dough.  He danced.  He ate.  He only cried for a minute when I left him.  And, when I picked him up, he was always smiles.  I never doubted it for a minute.

Me?  I did OK.  That dreaded feeling of rushing my baby out the door?  I pushed it down beneath my breakfast sandwich and drank lots of coffee with Nikki.  We wanted bloody mary's but had a hard time finding a place that served breakfast and liquor at 9:30 on a Tuesday morning.

I know my boy is growing up.  I know he will love school.  I know I will miss him a lot more than he will miss me.  That's the way it is supposed to be.  As long as he is happy!!

Now, to fill my 6 hours a week!

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