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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pat your Head, Rub your Stomach

Lately, Chase has been putting a lot of effort into trying to, successfully, pat his head and rub his tummy simultaneously. Most people have tried this, but it is no easy task, as it requires you to use both sides of your brain at once.   As with most things, with practice it can be mastered.
Chase is actually pretty good at doing this. I, on the other hand, am rather awkward. This is probably not surprising. The rubbing on the belly is every motion but circular and the head pat is usually a sloppy, if not deliberate, tap. I am not all that interested in putting in the necessary practice to master such a skill. My time is better spent on other, seemingly pointless, skills.
Like this morning. I was pitching wiffle balls to Chase, then ducking out of the way of his line drives, while singing London Bridge to Turner, who was "jamming" on the drums. The percussion in my ear certainly added a third interesting element to this.   I managed to do it all, and was thinking how this seemed as complicated as the "rub and pat trick."  Chase begged me to stop singing the whole time.  My tone deafness and inability to carry a tune was likely breaking his focus on becoming the next Babe Ruth. Turner begged me to keep singing while he continued to bang on those drums.  I was just trying to keep both boys happy at once.  Luckily, Ryder was having a catch with Todd or else I likely would have been doing all of this while wearing a Spidey costume.

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