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Monday, September 8, 2008

Playing Hooky!

Today is the boys' first official day of school and they are both out sick. Chase, who has an ear infection, kicked his fever a half a day too late and Ryder peaked his temperature out at 104 degrees yesterday only to wake up at 6AM fever free and ready to rock. If it was not for their crusty noses and puffy eyes you'd wonder if they were just playing hooky. And so, their first day will be on Wednesday. They are ready, I am ready.
Last Wednesday we had orientation. This allowed us an opportunity to see the classroom, meet the other kids and their parents, and meet their teachers. Apparently, this was also a chance for them to acquire their first of many pre-school viruses. Chase and Ryder both loved it (school, not the virus!) We had talked about school with them, their responses were simple, "OK.". We showed them their new school bags, which they immediately needed to carry around the house. They were excited on day one, dressed in handsome duds and sporting their too big backpacks that looked like turtle shells on their too small bodies. They hovered around my leg momentarily as we entered the classroom, then ran off and loved the time we spent there. They took an immediate liking to Miss Sue and Miss "Chel" and the fish in the classroom was talked about long after we left.
When we did leave, I told them several times that the next time we went mommy would not be staying. They did not seem to care. Now, if we can just get them healthy enough to go.

Family Picture on the boys first "unofficial" day

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The Pierce Posse said...

those backpacks had me on the floor laughing