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Friday, October 9, 2009

Tooth Fairy!

Delaney lost a tooth.  This is exciting news for her as her mouth has some holes and the tooth fairy pays her a visit.   I told the boys about this.  The Tooth Fairy?  Chase has decided he has no interest in the tooth fairy coming to see him...EVER!

He had a few questions about her:

Is she pretty?
Is she nice?
     The nicest

He didn't seem sold, as he continued:

"I don't want her to come, not now, not ever"
     Chase, she is not coming for a long time you will be 5 or 6 before you lose your first tooth.  Can we 
      discuss this then?

"NO!  Call her and tell her not to!"

So, I did.  I took out my phone and pretended to call the tooth fairy.  I sternly told her not to come around, but assured her I would be in touch if he changed his mind.  Chuckle

But, still, after a nap.  Still, after going to bed.  Still, three days later he doesn't want her to bring her fairy dust and wings anywhere near his bedroom.  I am sure, years from now, when he learns she doesn't come empty handed he will change his mind.

Ryder, on the other hand, can't wait.  He is thinking about knocking out a few teeth just to see her!

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