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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chase Shabbat star

The boys on their first day of school

Chase and Ryder are now in the 3's program at school.   It has started off wonderfully and both boys seem to be very happy and love going to school 5 days a week.  They seem to love their teachers and their friends and it has been a very positive experience.   The boys have certainly matured. Each morning our goodbyes are swift and easy and tearless, though they stll do involve lots of hugs and kisses, and for that I am grateful. I am sure my eventual tweener sons who'll think the only thing more disgusting than kissing a real girl is kissing their mother will not be happy that I have documented that on bloggerspace.

Anyway, there is a routine they follow at school and from all reports I am getting they are well behaved and interested.  And, the reports are, they are not dependent on each other (though they do look out for each other) and often don't sit together at lunch or snack. This individualism is what we desire especially as the discussion of separating them in school is sure to land on our talk table in the near future. 

In an effort to begin the lesson that, though there are two of them they are individuals, we have decided to take mini-steps toward the inevitable split.  And, it began with Shabbat stars.  Every week there is a shabbat star in the class. Among other things, this person's family joins the class for Shabbat and a story, he/she is the line leader, and they go up on the Bimah during the mini-Shabbat service.   There are other stars from other classes, but only one from their class. Last year they were Shabbat stars together. This year, we split them up allowing them each to have their own special day.  Chase is first alphabetically.  And so, On Friday, Chase was Shabbat "Rock" Star.

He was really excited for this day and all week kept asking if today was Shabbat. Friday was an irritating 5 days away as he asked again, again, and again.
Friday morning he woke up excited for his day.  He got dressed in his Shabbat clothes and exclaimed, "I look handsome!" and then asked if munchkins could be his special treat.  He chose a book, "Winnie the Pooh's Why Does it Have to Rain?" and was thrilled when I said I would read it to his class.

Then as we left for school he threw a fit claiming he did not want to go. I carried him in kicking and screaming while he hugged me for dear life. I have no idea why.  Within minutes of my departure, however, he was fine. Or so I was told.

Meanwhile, Ryder, who seemed a little sad when he realized it was a special day for Chase and not for him, gave his brother a hug then went off to school with a smile and said "bye, Mommy, see you soon!"

In the classroom both boys were happy to see us and we enjoyed the time in the classroom.  After the blessings and the snack I read the story to the children.  Interrupted a hundred times to answer questions and make silly noises, the story took so long we were never able to finish.  Clearly, I am never going to be a pre-school teacher.

In the sanctuary, Chase had a blast.  He loved being on the Bimah and opening and closing the Ark.  Ryder acted out a bit, hiding under the seats and being slightly defiant.  I think he craved a little of the attention Chase was getting.  In fact, when it came time for us to leave, Chase chose to stay and have lunch with his class while Ryder chose to leave with us.

All in All, it was a fun morning.  Chase had fun, which was most important.  Last year, while he was claiming he wanted to be a princess, this year it was all about just being the Shabbat Star.



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