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Friday, August 15, 2008


I am and always have been one of the slowest runners. Growing up I was an athlete. I was far from the best but well beyond average. Despite being klutzy, I have sharp reflexes and decent hand-eye coordination. A lot of practice and some g-d given talents made me mildly successful in my sport. None of this, however, included a gift for running. I always had one of the slowest clocked times on the team, be it home to first, second, or third. I vividly remember my high school gym teacher, whom I had a nice relationship with, telling me "you're a good player but have the slowest feet of anyone I have ever known.".
This was something I had accepted, and in spite of my short-lived jogging habit nearing my wedding I never really loved running anyway.
As it turns out, however, Chase seems to be a really quick runner. This, along with his look, he gets from Todd. Now, granted, he is two and we are no way able to assume from his toddler run that he'll bat lead-off or be a sprinter, but when we watch his quickness we like to think of that possibility.
Ryder, on the other hand, has a run that is amusing as legs go side to side. But, silly as it may look, he too is as quick as can be. He is agile and coordinated beyond his 2 years, yet because he often does things in his own way, he runs as if he lacks both.
Luckily, despite being speed challenged, the fact that my stride is 5X theirs,I am still able to catch them before too long. Let's see how the growth of my belly directly effects the speed (or lack there of) of my run.

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