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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ready to Rock

I've talked about Ryder's love affair with the guitar. In fact, it seems he loves all types of instruments- drums, kazoo's, the tambourine, the xylophone, and though we do not have one he also likes the saxophone, or at least to say the word. He loves singing, particularly into a microphone. He sings most of the day, often sings himself to sleep. I do believe he could be a rock star in the making.
He's had the stance of a natural since the first time he picked up his guitar, left handed. His newest rock star moment happened just the other day. Less than 24 hours prior he had a 104 degree temperature. He woke up at 6:30 the morning after, still with fever though much reduced. He just wanted to lay on me. After a dose of Tylenol and a few swigs of juice he came to life. He jumped off of me, grabbed his guitar, and started strumming. He sang a few tunes then I asked him if he took requests. Though I am sure he had no idea what that meant, he said yes. I asked to hear "Twinkle, Twinkle.". He smiled, nodded, and with a tilted head and a tapping foot he began to count...One, Two- then he played. He somehow manages to strum and fret at the same time.
On Labor Day we were all at Mindy's house. A good time was had by all and all the kids had a blast playing together. Of course, then there was Ryder. He too had a good time but he was often off by himself. At one point he was in the basement banging on the piano. Later, when we could not find him, we discovered him in Andrew's room. Sitting on the floor, toy birthday cake in front of him, he was strumming Andrew's full size guitar singing happy birthday. We managed to get it on film. If I can ever learn how to get my videos up onto you tube, I will post it here.

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