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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hannukah came and went like a whirlwind. With plans nearly every night, we hardly had a moment to step back and enjoy. Despite being hectic, it was fun.
The boys did learn about hannukah in school, yet they did not seem to show any increased interest in the holiday with the exceptions of wanting to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Hannukah Lights," spinning, or at least attempting to spin, the dreidel, and the wooden menorah became the toy of the week, particularly for Ryder.
The gift giving and receiving was nice. The boys successfully gave wrapped gifts to their friends and cousins without opening them first. They also managed to gratefully say thank you when they received gifts.
We began the week with a dual celebration with the Tovsky's for Hanukkah and Chad's 33rd birthday. It was nice having everyone together. From Mom-Mom Jill the boys got a stand up microphone, a favorite of Ryder's, and immediately took on the rock star act even asking for sunglasses like the boy on the box. She also gave them a bean bag toss game and the movie 101 Dalmations, all of which they seemed to love. Aunt Carri, in adition to a memory game, gave them each an aorable outfit inclusive of a leather jacket which immeiately became a necessary prop for the microphone.
The week continued, a laptop, a cd player for their room, doodle pro's- which are amongst their favorites, stickers. Bean bag chairs (mom-mom and pop-pop,) which they love, Elmo Live (Rob and Jaime), mega blox (Amy), geotrax trains (Stewarts), the way they made out you would think we did celebrate Christmas. We made hanukkah cookies, we celebrated with playgroup, we celebrated with the Seltzer's and Betesh's, we celebrated with the Solnicks/Levins, we celebrated with the Stewarts, and we concluded the week with the Citrenbaums. One of their favorite gifts, courtesy of the Solnicks/Levins is their first scooter. Our daredevil children had somehow added the word skateboard to their broadening vocabulary months ago. Figuring they were still too young we went the scooter route instead. Excitement filled their eyes and they immediately wanted to scoot around Amy's house. The next morning, blessed with warm December weather, we put on their helmets and their pads and headed to the park for their first lesson. First, however, we did some practicing in the foyer, while the scooters were still out of the box clean.
Considering they are at least 6 months too young, if not more, they did really well. Chase seemed to have a bit more of the natural knck for it. Luckily, their falls were minor and pad protected allowing them to see why they must wear them.
Cute, yes. Ready for the X-games, thankfully, no!

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