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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A She Here, A Her There

All along I've said publically that I think Zygie is a boy. For 33 weeks of pregnancy I did not waver once, which is very unlike me.
Last week something happened in my subconscious. Perhaps the indecision which has been dormant within is showing its ugly head, perhaps my subconscious knows something, but while I continue to say boy when I think about it, when I am not thinking she's and her's roll off of my tongue.
In one conversation with my sister I mentioned "she" three times, saying something about when she was born. When I looked at thank you cards last week I only looked at girls cards for the first half hour, until I realized. And, while talking to the manicurist yesterday I referred to Zygie as a her. Yet, if you ask me what I think I will still say boy. Last night I had a dream she was a girl, she looked like me, had dimples like my mom, and only a little bit of brown hair. Two weeks ago I dreamt he was a boy, with a lot of brown hair and he weighed 6 pounds and was born 4 weeks early. Clearly my dreams are conflicted. But, my subconscious is definitely trying to tell me something, perhaps I should listen??

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The Pierce Posse said...

If I were you I'd just go up to that ultrasound tech and say "I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE- JUST TELL ME!" You have more strength than me.