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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jamaican Me Crazy!!

Todd and I love Jamaica. It always seems to be, for many reasons, the vacation spot we return to most. We've been there a half dozen times already and intend to continue adding to the tally. In fact, we were supposed to be there right now. Literally, at this moment, we would have been 48 hours in to a Jamaican vacation, soaking up the sun, and relaxing. We also would have been there with four of our great friends and having the time of our lives.
When we found out I was pregnant, we knew I would be 33 weeks along when we boarded the plane for Negril, we were not worried. We figured we would still go, enjoy ourselves, and relax even if I looked ridiculous in a bathing suit and couldn't enjoy one cocktail while I was there. Uncomfortable or not, five days in warmth and relaxation had to be better for the pregnancy than five days in the middle of the winter chasing two year old twins. Not to mention this was our first adult only vacation with the Sperlings and the Klaus' in a very long time. And so, we counted down the months, then the weeks. With just two weeks to go a minor complication in this pregnancy landed me on modified bedrest and prevented the trip altogether. Disappointed as I was at the time, it was Todd I felt bad for. He had been so excited for this trip and I felt as if I had destroyed his dreams. He has been handling it ok. Now that it is the week of, however, I definitely feel the disappointment of being here and not there. I can taste the salty caribbean on my tongue, and the delicious coca bread from the poolside grill in my mouth. I imagine Beth and Dave and Erik and Lori enjoying hummingbirds with extra splashes of vodka, and I laugh as I picture Erik throwing off the fruit and umbrella that is surely accompanying the drink. I know they are having a great time and are likely thinking of us less then we are them. We'll get back to Jamaica, this I know, and we will probably even have the luxury of travelling with all of them again, but it definitely is a sore spot that we had to miss out. I know, though, once we hold Zygie for the first time the trip we almost took to Jamaica will be a distant memory and the love of our child will remind us it was worth it.

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