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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 34!

One hospital stay, a prescription of modified bedrest, a cancelled vacation, and 4 consecutive weeks of non-stress tests and amniotic fluid checks and we've made it to 34 weeks. This was an important week for the growth of the baby, as they did not want to have to deliver zygie anytime sooner. Luckily, there has been no need.
At 34 weeks I am starting to feel big, well bigger, and am reaching the point of where I will soon be ready to meet this child.
People on the street are often concerned that I may deliver exactly where I am standing. They seem to think I am really low, which is interesting since my breathing is more labored than ever. When they find out I, technically, have 6 weeks left, they usually chuckle and say I won't make it, which is fine since I am delivering in 4 weeks anyway. It is funny how everyone thinks they know something. Most people also "know" it is a girl, though lately I have been getting more boy guesses because it looks like I have a large beach ball up my shirt.
I am bit uncomfortable when I sleep, though I am so tired that I do sleep. I lay on my side (most often on my right), hugging my body pillow and after a few hours my hip begins to throb forcing me to shift. It is this shifting that is difficult, it takes me a good 5 minutes to reset and I am never comfortable the first time. Lately, however, there is only position I can lay in, and it is not a comfortable one, that doesn't allow pains to shoot across my low belly telling me I am either about to go into labor or poop in my pants. This position is half on my side, half on my back, with my fisted hand beneath my butt so that I do not lay flat on my back. My body is at a 25 degree angle, ready to topple at any moment, being supported by a body pillow and a small fist.
I am told I now waddle when I walk, and an oxygen tank would come in handy, but otherwise I feel ok. I still love the sweets, and was gifted a free Ascher's chocolate chip cookie the other day. it was like right out of my dreams. Food, however, is just something I eat when hungry. I do not crave much and want it to be simple as possible. I am also very thirsty. I am ready, when no longer pregnant, to go to kisso or oishi, or maybe both, and get a yellow tail and scallion handroll and a tobiko and quail egg, It's the quail egg I miss the most, believe it or not. Oooh, just saying it now makes me want that creamy, sweet egg.
A lot of my shirts no longer fit and I had to buy a new, larger pair of maternity jeans. We still are not set on names and the room is still not ready. Despite this unpreparedness, we can't to meet our baby, and know, somehow, it will all be ready for zygie's homecoming no matter when that is.

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