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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

New Years Eve has always been our thing. We've thrown parties since 1997, each one improving on the year before. At times, I have gotten a little crazy...just ask Randi about the snowman cups. Over the years I've calmed down a lot as my party planning skills improved.
Since having children we've continued to play host, but in a whole new capacity.
This year, being 5 days away from having a baby, in addition to having twin two year olds with sleep issues, hosting for me took on a whole new definition. The menu may have sounded similar, only everything, for the first time ever, came frozen and out of a box. The menu additions this year were the unlikely pizza and macaroni and cheese, meant for the kids, but slices definitely went to the adults lips. I had no linens, no tablescape nor fancy platters. Todd put things out on paper plates and though I can't say I did not notice I definitely did not care. We had an equal number of children as we did adults, though having two ten year old girls and a 7 year old boy in the house made having three 2.5 year old's much easier. Tables and countertops were covered with an equal mix of beer bottles and liquor cups and bottles and sippy cups.
It was not our usual New Years Eve, though some elements were the same including open bottles of champagne and some nips of tequila being had. Chase spent the night charming his dates (Brooke and Shawn,) Ryder put on a rock concert, and the night continued with very few cries from the three babies, even fewer cries from the three toddlers, and a departure of 90% of the guests before 10pm. Beth, Dave, and a sleeping Jackson stayed until 2009, officially. We watched the ball drop while Chase and Ryder, who were supposed to be sleeping, brought in the New Year by watching Wall-E. Here are a few pix of the night, of the youngest generation, anyway.

Jackson crawled his way to his daddy's labatts


Jackson and Beth


Scott and Dylan

Chase knows to let the ladies do as they please. Barette's in his hair? Sure!!

Ryder's performance-

and he hands the microphone over to his brother!

Happy, Healthy New Year to all!!

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