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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Turtle and the Zebra

Ryder the turtle
Chase the zebra
The Tovsky's

The animal farm (minus a turtle) with the vet on site.

For an adult, Halloween, like birthdays, become special all over again once you can experience it through your children's eyes. This year's Halloween was no exception.
Although I thought briefly about being supermom and making costumes, I quickly came to terms that was a dream that would never be realized. So, I searched the catalogues. After our trip to Florida where the hotel had a turtle pond, the boys had become quite fond of turtles and when I saw the turtle costume I knew we had to have it. Ok, one down. Later I found a zebra that was just too cute to pass up. And so it became, Chase and Ryder would be a turtle and a zebra. Although we did not decide who would be what, I knew we had several events (my gym, parade, halloween) and we could switch them up. Once the costumes came in the mail, however, the boys claimed their own. I had no idea how excited the boys would be to wear costumes, dress up if you will. As soon as I took the costumes out of the bags Ryder went right for the turtle and Chase for the Zebra and they could not wait to get the suits on their bodies. Once they did they looked so cute and suddenly I could not wait for Halloween. I had to fight with the boys to take the costumes off and had to hide the costumes afterwards in order to stop the incessant begging for the turtle and zebra.
The My Gym party was cute and the boys took right to the same costumes, only they did not want to wead the headpieces. Unfortunately, due to rain, the parade was rescheduled and we were not available on the rain date. The morning of Halloween began with the Phillies victory parade and concluded with birthday celebration/trick or treating at Ellie's. We all had a great time. Surrounded by all of the grandparents the kids played, dressed in their same costumes- no switching necessary, and trick or treated. The boys loved it. Coincidentally, all the kids were animals so it was the 2 year old animal farm trolling around the neighborhood. They ran up to the homes in Northampton Hunt and said with delight "trick or treat, I'm a zebra (or turtle)" as if the candy giver could not tell. They were so excited as they ran from house to house collecting their candy in their pumpkins, still talking about seeing the phanatic on the truck.

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