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Monday, November 3, 2008

Alter Egos

All of the great Super Heroes have Alter Ego's. Superman is known as Clark Kent without his cape and when Spiderman is not a spider he is simply Peter Parker. Chase and Ryder are no exceptions.
They love to wear their blankets as capes. They have been doing this for several months where we tie the blanket around their necks and suddenly it is a cape. At first I told them they were Super Grover, figuring it was the only thing they knew. Occasionally we would tell them they were Superman, but we knew they had no idea who Clark Kent nor his alter ego were.
Recently however, they have developed their own alter egos. On the street they may be Chase and Ryder, but once they don their capes they become Sup-per Morgan and Sup-per Lane. I was amazed when they named themselves, and laugh when they ask to "be Super Morgan" as Chase hands me his blanket. Ryder soon followed suit. And, people say middle names don't mean anything.

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