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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big Boy Beds Update

The transition to big boy beds was easy. So much so that I am left wondering if I should have done it sooner and perhaps would have prevented those sleepless nights.
Despite the fact the naps are on their way out, eveything else is smoothe sailing. They go to bed at bedtime, sleep through the night, and do not fight us to stay in bed. They have not fallen out of bed and just like their mommy when she was a kid they find the bed to be most comfortable in every other position then the one expected. Sometimes they are perpindicular, or angled, or even half way on the table at the head of their bed. But, they are asleep, soundlessly.
Chase and Ryder seem to love their beds. This is proven by the fact that they tell everyone they talk to they are in big boy beds and then proceed to tell them the color (Chase, blue. Ryder, red.).
My babies are growing up fast, next will be potty training.

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