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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


At our wedding, being introduced for the first time as husband and wife

A wedding day portrait

Today marks the five year anniversary of our wedding day!! Five in itself is special, but this year it is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving just as it was the night of our wedding, the biggest party night of the year. Yesterday, marked the eleven year anniversary of the day Todd and I started dating, significant for many reasons but mostly because without it we would have nothing to celebrate today.
I remember our wedding day as if it was yesterday. It was the most perfect day, everything went as planned, and is one of the best days of our lives. The memory of it still makes me smile, I imagine it always will.
Our marriage also makes me smile. I love being married and am amongst the fortunate. I married my true love and my best friend. We still know how to have a really good time together, and yet we can deal with all of life's responsibilities together, as a team.
Together we have begun building a life, and everyday we appreciate what we are building.
Things are different from when we met as young kids bouncing around the city. We live in the suburbs, have two homes, two kids and one on the way. We can't put ourselves first anymore, but we do often put each other first, as we should. We don't go out six nights a week anymore, and we don't vacation as much as we would like (particularly Todd.) We've traded those things in for something better, a family, and we would never trade in each other.
Our anniversary was supposed to be celebrated two ways: First, with a visit from our friends who we met on our honeymoon. They were honeymooning too and our friendship was inevitable We were going to get together for our joint fifth, with our kids who are all the same age. We were all looking forward to it. We were also supposed to go away for this celebratory anniversary, and do so with great friends. Unfortunately, circumstances with Zygie prevent us from enjoying these activities. Instead, we will celebrate with a nice dinner tonight, and a weekend in a hotel next weekend. Sure, it's not Jamaica, nor time with far away friends, and yes we are disappointed, but we will be celebrating our togetherness together, which is what matters most in the end. Frankly, there is nowhere else I need to be, than just with Todd.
Five years has passed quickly, sometimes it is hard to believe, but I have enjoyed every minute of this journey. I would do everything exactly the same to this point and I love trekking through time with Todd. Five is special indeed, but it is still just the beginning. Happy Anniversary Todd, I love you!

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The Pierce Posse said...

Don't forget the original plan - a return to costa rica on the 5th. better make it the 10th.