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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thirty Weeks and counting....

Today I am thirty weeks pregnant. Technically, there are 10 weeks remaining, but since we have scheduled my c-section for 1/6/09 I officially have exactly 8 weeks remaining. 8 weeks minus the one I am on vacation and minus 2.5 weeks of holiday time, leaving me with just over 4 weeks to get a lot done for Zygie. Hmmm...that is not much time.
Zygie is superactive. Moving around all of the time, it's incredible what I am feeling inside of myself. I do not remember the boys being this active, or perhaps they just did not have enough space for so many flips.
Zygie moves all of the time. In the rare moments when I can sit and watch, I can actually see my belly morph into some odd shape, a watermelon birthing an alien if you will. It amazes me to see body parts float beneath my skin and I love feeling the activity of our soon to be third born.
I have over-indulged in cookies and ice cream, and find apples and clementines to be the most refreshing, enjoyable snacks. The world is still guessing that zygie is a girl but I continue to think 8 weeks we will know once and for all.

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