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Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have always wanted to be a mom. For better or worse I knew children were required in making my life complete. Now that I have children I know that I was right. Here is where I was wrong: I had envisioned myself as supermom. I thought I would do crafts with my kids, from art to cooking to gardening. Sure, I would still love to do this stuff, but I was blessed with very active twin boys. Doing crafts results in sniffing glue and eating paints, cooking means dumped flour on a once clean floor, and gardening is nothing more than an opportunity to play in dirt. I don't have the patience for these messes nor the know how to tame these must-touch two year olds. I will keep trying, perhaps at 3 I can wear my S cape.
I thought for sure I would have a designated reading time every day. Yes, we read, but not at a designated time. Reading time is often interrupted by a grabbing of the book, a turn to the last page, and a quick "the end" by one or both boys. The library I dreamed of is an unorganized display of half-chewed, frayed, and ripped books. Not the scholars vision, I know. And, despite not being a very rigid person I thought I would easily discipline my children to be the most well-behaved on the block. Perhaps I was delusional, or maybe I just did not have kids to realize you do what you need to to get through each moment. Bribes are acceptable, as are hand slaps and negotiating. And, sometimes, hell most of the time, letting them win even if its not right is not only necessary but required if there will be any peace at all.
I do think I am a pretty good mom, and I know we have good boys. I know I do a lot of things well while rearing them and I also know I make my share of mistakes. Parenting is definitely a very hard job with very big rewards. Cape or no cape we are all getting by with a dose of manners and a whole lot of laughs.

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