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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

I am not the most prepared person. Although I was a brownie, I ditched the girl scouts for athletics, so if preparedness is their motto, as it is in the boy scouts, well it never became my motto. I am not one who rushes to the supermarket before a predicted snowstorm, just in case we get the unlikely blizzard that locks us down for three days. I don't have a hand bag full of things you may never know you need, and I don't keep a first aid kit and a case of bottled water in my car. Perhaps, I should do all of these things.
However, today as I headed to my amniotic fluid check/non-stress test, I was actually trying to prepare for the unlikely, at least to a degree. After being admitted to the hospital for 72 hours last week, being instructed to rest and to hydrate, both of which I find difficult, the possibilty/fear of being readmitted was dancing in my head. Although my gut, yep the same one that insists this baby is a boy, says all will be fine, my mind is playing devil's advocate. So, I did some minor preparations, just in case. To the girl scout, these preparations are probably just a joke, afterall I did not leave a dinner prepared in my fridge, or worthwhile instructions for my children's care. No, what I did do was charge my phone, take a shower (yesterday), bring my anniversary cards with me, leave Leila's money at home, and packed all the pictures I have been meaning to sort into a bag, just in case, so that Todd could bring them to me if I were laid up. And, hopefully, it will all be for nothing, as I am thinking it will. But, I figurd the more prepared I was the better my chances of not needing any of it. Hmmm, should I transfer this philosophy to the rest of my life?

And, in case you were wondering, the test is done, I did pass both and am not being admitted but the instructions to rest, rest, rest and drink, drink, drink remain. Until next week....

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