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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Two and a quarter

Two years four months! And, for such an age, you both continue to amaze us. Your language skills are way beyond your years, participating in full conversations using sentences consisiting of 4,5,6 words. I am actually amazed by some of the things you say, Chase in particular who has recently told Randi ,"I got all dressed up for you" never mind that he was in pajamas, responded "yes, I will, I would love to" in answer to the question of will you play peek a boo with the baby, and "I want to get on the airplane with you, I am already dressed" to Aunt Bonnie as she was getting ready to head out for her flight home.

These boys remember everything and I better sharpen up, as they use names I mention just once or ask for specific scenes from a show they watch that I may not have noticed. Chase has keen observation skills (clearly he gets this from Todd) and asked me where the flags were at the playground. Truth is, I had never noticed flags before but assumed he was right and said they were put away for the winter. Do they put flags away for the winter? Scary when you trust your two year old's observations more than your own. Both of them will notice a tiny picture of a dog, or Mickey, or Elmo or whoever, in obscure places and point it out. I find myself looking high and low and only sometimes do I actually see what they are referring to. Like when Minnie was on the back of a little girls sweatshirt at the zoo and I could not see it despite their claims that there was Minnie. I always know they are correct in what they see, it's me who can't find Waldo in the crowd.

The boys are doing great with school, including the recently added lunch hour. They seem to love Ms. Sue and though they do not talk much about their day they do enjoy going and come home happy. They seem to really love Shabbat, the Rabbi, and Cantor Paul and his guitar.
Ryder still loves his guitar and both boys love to sing. They are really into coloring, particularly Ryder, who focuses very deliberately on the artwork at hand. They have drawn rocket ships, me, mom-mom, fishies, and rainbows all of which look exactly like the same scribble.
Ryder loves a challenge. He will sit down and work on a puzzle or toy for some time so long as it challenges him. When he completes something he will clap and say "Ta Da" and always wants us to recognize his accomplishment.

The boys remember particular pictures from their books and ask to see that page. It's never the overall picture, but some small detail, which I am forced to pay attention to in order to know what they are talking about. For example, in the book "Never, Ever, Shout in a Zoo!". There is a page towards the end of the book where all of the animals are lined up. The way the artist drew the picture the zebra's head is on top of the elephant's tush. At first glance the drawing seems completely normal but when the boys ask to see "biting the elephants toosie" this is the page they are referring to, a reference they came up with all on their own. In the book "The Hippo's go Bezerk," when the hippo's are partying with delight all throughout the hippo night there are some hippos on the roof of the house in the picture. Again, you may not have noticed, but Chase and Ryder call this page the "be careful up there" page and will want me to skip right to it. They notice details, like the cookies the cat is eating in "Tumble Bumble," though the story does not mention it. Are all two year olds so detail oriented? They seem to have a sense of humor, love to be silly, and have inherited their father's love for potty humor.

Although I can't get them to go down for a nap, they will sleep for some time if they fall asleep in the car. They go to bed in their big boy beds with out a fuss.
I can't believe how quickly the time has passed and how our baby boys have become these little people with personalities. The boys always look out for each other, which we love, and though they sometimes fight like brothers, they are really becoming best friends. They play together now, which is not only touching but also is very helpful in that they do not always need us watching over them. And, they both seem genuinely excited for this baby which is soon to come. Twin two year olds, it is not always easy, but it is certainly never boring!

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