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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big Boy Beds!!

After many weeks of nighttime torture, weeks of Ryder fighting us on bedtime, we have moved on to big boy beds. Ryder had become a master of climbing in and out of his crib, in the pitch dark. We had hours upon hours of fights with the toddler, from going to bed, to waking up in the middle of the night and joining us in bed, to waking up at the crack of dawn. Recently, however, we began getting some relief. For reasons we do not know, he began to stay in his crib again. We decided to reward this behavior with a big boy bed. Perhaps, it was the crib he did not like? Today was night one. Chase did great, but this is no surprise since he never gave us a problem. Ryder did really well. He needed to be returned to bed three times but then was down for the count. Let's see if he makes it all the way through the night.

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