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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

25 weeks

Officially I am 25 weeks pregnant. I am no longer exhausted, but I do still lack motivation to do chores after about 3pm, certainly after 8pm. I no longer crave nectarines or peaches or anything specific, in fact my cravings come in moments and often for something random. I do still love eating ice cream...too often. I am getting bigger each day, and where I thought I'd be so little carrying a single baby, well that is not proving to be the case.
I feel Zygie's movements much more often now, as if he/she is doing water aerobics inside of me.
Everyone still tells me I am having a girl. The Old Wives Tales point to girl. I still think it is a boy. Either way we are happy, we just need to come up with names.
They say you should not sleep on your back once you are past 16 weeks, yet every morning I wake up on my back. Tying my shoes is becoming more difficult as we head out of flip flop season, and I am finding some shirts are just not long enough to cover all of my belly, leaving me to show a patch of skin of this not-so-sexy midriff.
My breathing is a bit labored when I walk, but overall I feel really good and have no complaints. Pregnancy does OK by me.
We had another, and I believe our last, ultrasound. We had gone back so the tech could get the necessary cardiac pictures that Zygie did not cooperate for the last go round. Successful it was. We also got to see our baby wave and kick its feet, and of course see how much it has grown. Looking like a baby now, and weighing nearly two pounds, Zygie is becoming more and more like the child we will meet in a few months. Todd still thinks Zygie looks like me (and Ryder), but I am not so sure...what do you think?

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