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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Icing on the Cake!

For reasons I can't even fathom my mother-in-law does not like chocolate. I have a few friends with a similar distaste for the sweet I love and I don't understand. But, what she does love is cake, particularly the icing. She happens to be a fantastic baker so it works out well for her, and us, come holiday time. Somehow, she has managed to find several desserts that are so good I, dare I say, don't miss the chocolate.
Every now and again, we will catch Jill swiping her finger along the edge, where the cake meets the plate, to get a taste of the icing. I equate this to licking the bowl after baking a cake, but I prefer the chocolate. She has taught her grandsons the joy in this, who seem to have the same sweet tooth as most kids, yet I am hoping they do like chocolate.
Anyway, we were at our Yom Kippur break fast eating entirely too much food and yet still reserving some room for the delicious desserts yet to be served. And there is Ryder, fridge door opened, him one shelf up, swiping his finger across the icing of Jill's whipped cream cake. And, he was doing this with such delight it made you want to climb into the fridge right along side him. I must tell you that is some good icing so who could blame him, but we did stop him from the action and instead served him an actual piece.

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