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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kicks and Jabs

I am 48 hours shy of 27 weeks. As the third tri-mester peeks around the corner I am becoming increasingly aware of how quickly this pregnancy will end and what once was 4 will become 5!
Zygie is an active bugger, swimming around with kicks and jabs and saying hello. I do not want record of my weight gain but it seems that I am gaining by the truckload.
I shopped for a layette last week, and was overwhelmed by the girls clothes. I love the boys' clothes, but the frills and flowers of the girly stuff is just too cute. I am not a frilly, flowery girl myself yet when I see this stuff I think that's how I would dress my daughter. Of course before I actually had sons I thought I would dress them much preppier than I do.
My ribs on my right side have been hurting and breathing is tough, as is bending over, but these are minor symptoms to an overall great pregnancy.
I have moments of...anxiety? I am not sure of the right word. Either way, I get nervous about how I will spend quality time with Chase and Ryder in those early weeks with the baby? How will I get three kids dressed and out of the house? Will I ever even leave the house with three young kids? I am sure all parents have similar fears as they transition from 1 to 2, I just never knew life with one. I calm myself by remembering that I was nervous about twins, thought for sure it would be impossible to do anything. Although I do not get much accomplished outside of child rearing, I have managed, somehow, life with twins thus far.
I am beginning to feel a bit of a time crunch to get everything done before baby comes but I seem to do better under pressure.
All in all Zygie and I are doing well. I know when I have the thrill of meeting my third born I will simultaneously miss having him/her inside of me, sharing moments with kicks and jabs.

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