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Friday, October 10, 2008

I am a princess!!

Today was a special day at school. The boys were Shabbat Boys, and as if they were celebrities premiering their first movie, an entourage joined them in school. We (mommy, daddy, mom-mom, pop-pop, aunt Amy, Madden, and Aunt Carri) joined them in their classroom, where we did the prayers over the candles, wine, and challah and of course shared a special treat (munchkins) with the boys', their friends, and their teachers. We then went with them, and the rest of the Pre-school, to the sanctuary where we enjoyed a mini service with the Cantor and the Rabbi. The boys did great. For starters, they did not cry, not one tear, when I dropped them off. I am not sure if this is because they are evolving, perhaps getting used to school, or because they knew we were coming back in an hour to spend their Shabbat with them. Either way, the drop off went smooth. When we came back, and walked into the classroom, they were thrilled to see us. Ryder pointed to each of us one at a time and announced, "mommy's here, daddy's here, Aunt Carri's here," etc.

In the sanctuary, they were excited to go up on the Bimah, they (along with the other Shabbat kids) held up the props, opened the Ark, and paraded with the Torah. When they sang the chicken soup song and the Cantor asked Chase what you put in it, he said out loud "Chickens" which is perfectly appropriate. When they asked Ryder what to put in, he got shy and would not answer, so his brother spoke for him, and shouted "Carrots." Though I am sure he knows this from singing the song each week, it was amusing to have others think its because he knows how to make chicken soup:)
Back in the classroom, the teachers brought out costumes. All of the kids got really excited about this and started dressing up. I was thrilled when Chase held up the batman costume and exclaimed, "I want to wear this!" Of course once I had him dressed he smiled and said "I am a princess!" Interesting. He chose to get out of the batman suit soon after and did don himself in more than one princess gown. Ryder also tried on the same myriad of costumes, and seemed similarly excited about them all, even the princess costume. Ok, so boys will be boys most of the time and 2 year olds will be two year olds all of the time.

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The Pierce Posse said...

This is all so cute. I'm clueless about half of what you said, but I can just imagine how adorable the boys were up there. I'm hoping Zygie's a girl (regardless of what the signs point to) just so you can experience that - but another boy would be wonderful too. Miss you all.