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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hebrew School

So far school is off to a decent start. Despite the episode of tears that pre-empt my drop off, the boys do seem to like school. They talk about Miss Sue and Miss "Chel"often, they get excited over their artwork, and they even ask every morning if they are going to school. And, there has even been improvement in the tear department too, if we ignore the fact that last Wednesday I had to go spend the last hour of school, and sit through the Snake Man, with a weepy Chase. For the record, it was a wonderful Wednesday, which meant they were there until 2pm (they normally leave at 12) and once I got there Chase was totally fine and hardly paid any attention to me . Some days, neither Chase nor Ryder will have wet eyes as they give me a kiss and run off to play or paint or whatever it is they do in school. I would not know since they do not tell me much. The only evidence of their activity is the paint on them, always from head to toe!
Though the feedback I am getting is minimal, so far what I have learned is Ryder goes with the flow, does not cry, and despite his blabbering at home, he does not talk much at school. As expected, he finagles with the heater buttons and is apparantly very into his art. Chase, who they call their little Tom Hanks, charms them between bouts of tears and pleas to go home. I am told they are not dependent on each other and they do interact with the other kids.
School is educational for me as well. In addition to learning creative ways to teach my children and a variety of new songs, I am also learning some of the hebrew I should have learned in my 8 years of hebrew school. Being that it is a conservative synagogue everything has a hebrew translation, luckily written in an english phonetic. So far I've learned the following: morah means teacher (something I actually remembered,) oogah means cake, which the boys made in class and now ask for oogah more often than cake itself. I also learned dubeem means bears which is their class name. At this rate I could learn a word a week. Who knew hebrew was so easy....haha

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