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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


21 Weeks puts me just past the halfway mark. As we now move along the down slope of this pregnancy things remain to be good. I feel good, though large. I am over my nectarine craving, but that may be because as the season is changing the pickin's are slim. Peaches have made an ok replacement but the need to eat them dulls in comparison. Yeah, I am still loving the cookies. I feel movement, swimming within my belly, and it is that alone that I cherish most in this pregnancy. When I get some time alone, most often in the middle of the night when I suddenly awake, I lay on my side and wait for my baby to say hi. Todd is patiently awaiting the moment he can feel them too.
I had an ultrasound today. Nope, seeing your baby inside of you does not lose its thrill no matter how many times you do it. Here is what I learned about Zygie; he/she is an active sucker, moving around like crazy the whole time. He/she was somewhat uncooperative when the tech tried, to no avail, to get pictures of its heart. Because of this I will likely need to go back for another ultrasound in a couple of weeks;) Though I am now feeling movement, flutters of life, it is not yet proportional to the acrobatics #3 is performing.
I also learned that Zygie looks like a real baby with all parts in tact. Though baby-like, Zygie does look a bit like an alien, just as his/her brothers did before him, as most babies do at 21 weeks gestation. Todd, however, upon seeing the profile picture, decided his third child looks like me.
Zygie's heart rate was slower today than in the past, thumping at 126 beats per minute and he/she is growing as he should measuring just two days ahead of my actual gestation.
One thing I did not learn is baby's gender, for that we must wait until January.

Here is a picture of our littlest one:

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