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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sneeze Peeve

The weather has been sensational. It's the end of August, but instead of dead summer heat we are being gifted early fall weather. Clear, sunny skies with a nice breeze. Cool nights. This is what I call perfect weather. But, of course there's a catch. The weather has brought an early arrival of allergies, and it's bad. The News is reporting the high levels of ragweed. Apparantly, I am allergic to ragweed
My nose feels like the track for a race, a marathon. It is very hard to scratch the itch, and with this constant use of tissues I am sure to soon look like Rudolph.
Its not only the ragweed stuffing me up then making me sneeze, zygie has given me the sense of smell of a canine. I can discern a smell at first whiff. Any aroma, good or bad, that tickles my nostrils causes a sneezing attack. This is rather stressful for Todd, who has said my sneeze is his pet-peeve. Its not that I sneeze, its how I sneeze, or rather how loud I sneeze. I do sneeze loud, I know it. My whole family sneezes loud, even my cousins. Its always the best traits that are dominant. Todd is most agitated by me when we are driving, sitting silently perhaps enjoying the music, and his thoughts are interrupted by a thundering blast. He gets so pissed and shouts a bless you at me, which is equally as agitating. Sometimes I feel bad, like I should apologize, but for what? I am sure with this current allergic condition he can't wait to drive to the shore with me later tonight.

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