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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nappy No No

I've called nap time nappy noo noo since the boys were infants. Perhaps I should not be publicizing this baby talk. The boys now call it nappy noo noo and would ask it for it by name.
I think we may need to rename it to nappy no no as we are now on our 4th consecutive day of no naps. Today I was blessed with 30 minutes, after falling asleep in the car, but I can hardly call that a nap.
My question is what to do? At what point do I stop trying and assume they are done with their naps as simply as they were done with their bottles over a year ago. Truth is, I am not ready. I already admitted I am not supermom, how do I entertain two two year olds for an entire day? If their attention spans were longer, perhaps, but filling time in 5 minute increments, means more activities than I can come up with. Plus, don't they know I need a nap??
You would think without naps the boys would at least sleep later in the morning, right? Nope, not our guys, particularly not Ryder who still greets us in our bed all too early. Hmmm, is it wrong to use Benadryl?

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Sarah said...

I highly recommend the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It has great advice/ info about kids' sleep habits and I bet it has good stuff about naps. don't give up yet!

See you Sunday!!