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Monday, August 18, 2008

Couldn't have said this better myself

So, I was paging through one of the many magazines that I hardly have time to read and found information on a blog I decided I wanted to check out. Somehow, unlike every other time I have come across something interesting I wanted to look into further, I actually remembered to go to the site. The first article caught my attention immediately, I just wished I had written it myself. Here it is below, thanks to mom-101. I do believe I have been through all of these stages, to a degree, and somehow have managed to settle on the final step. Not sure I should be admitting that. And, I promise the last sentence does not pertain to me. I have accepted Barney only for my kids' enjoyment.

On (Psychic) Death and Dying: The 5 stages of grief vis a vis Barney

Denial - Oh my God, I am NOT even watching the third Barney in a row right now with my kids. This can't be happening.

Anger Which of you [expletive deleted] grandparents got my kids hooked on this show? Don't you even know that the main character sounds like some nightmare out of a Stephen King movie and that the children tuck their plaid shirts into their khakis and hike them up to their chests, pretty much guaranteeing they will be beat up every single day of their lives? Have you no taste? Have you no sense?

Bargaining I promise I will stop feeding my children cereal for dinner. Just let the TV be struck by lightning right now.

Depression What is the point in fighting it? My life is officially over. I'm going to start wearing scrunchies in my hair.

Acceptance Okay so Barney does have a point about sharing being good and imagination being important. My kids seem to be happy while he's on TV and they're not pummeling each other either. And you know? Under the right circumstances? I'd probably have sex with him.

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