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Thursday, August 21, 2008

18 Weeks

The weeks are passing pretty quickly, despite the chore of having to remember I am growing a child inside of me. Lucky to feel good enough to forget, zygie reminds me in subtle ways; by the near hyperventilation as I walk a distance or climb steps (especially when holding a child or two,) by the quick doze on the couch during an episode of Blue's Clues, by the absolute need to have two nectarines and at least one cookie a day, and of course by the growing belly which has officially put on a ridiculous number of pounds in the last two weeks that I may need to consider removing the cookies from the must-have list. Luckily, the nectarines can stay.
I have not yet delighted in feeling the baby move, though from time to time I will feel with my hands a hard, lopsided part of my belly, and know its a body part not yet big enough to really let me know its there.
I am not as exhausted as I was the first trimester and other than first thing in the morning, and contrary to what the scale is telling me, I am not that hungry. This does not,as it never has, stop me from eating.
I continue to search for names to have rejected by Todd and I have begun to browse for bedding. Interestingly, I only look for boy bedding. I am well aware I will find something blue only to need pink, but my instinct has me looking at blues. Maybe its because that is all I know?
I continue to get very little accomplished and I am definitely a bit of a scatterbrain. There really is something to this baby brain theory. With 18 weeks down and 22 weeks to go the excitement builds to meet #3.

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