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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Times Two!!

Life with twins is double of everything. Double the difficulties, double the joys, double the cries, double the fun! It is a reality we are still learning to understand.
Before Chase and Ryder were born, I did not understand why I needed two, four or even six of things. I mean did two babies really mean Times Two of everything?
This was a question I would repeatedly answer myself.
I was first blown away by the number of diapers we went through in a day, week, month. I learned a quick lesson when I got my first case of diapers, thinking I was set for a while, and was down to my final two less than two weeks later. From that point on I ordered ( two cases at a time every two weeks.
I soon got over the diaper dilemma, and had come to terms with the numbers we were using, but now was trying to grasp the concept of formula. One large size can lasted 4 days. This was when the boys were drinking just 4 oz. They are now up to 6 oz. Eventually, we learned, 6 cans of formula ($30 each) would last about two weeks. We now visit Sam's Club every other week.
Once we started with baby food the math was over my head and even when I think I have bought more than enough, I find myself shlepping back, all too soon, through the baby food aisle at the grocery store and as a result talking to strangers.
I know that multiplying by 2 is elementary math, but for some reason when it comes to figuring out such things as baby food, this seems like calculus and requires the same education as the darn snaps.
However, with all of this being said, Todd and I learned the real difficulty of times two just this past weekend when a stomach virus made its way through the house. When your twins are sick you suddenly realize what times two really means, and no math is required. We got lucky, I guess, that only three of us got it. Todd managed to stay healthy and as a result had to juggle two sick babies and a sick wife. He changed a lot of pajamas (theirs, not mine:) and cleaned up a lot of vomit, but do not worry, he saved the laundry for me:)

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The Pierce Posse said...

Zoiks! Thanks for the tip on the diapers. Have you ever tried the Seventh Generation brand? I wonder how those work. I'm hooked on Huggies Supreme, which don't run cheap. Also, I discovered Similac Organic - also doesn't run cheap. Does Sam's have better prices on formula?