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Thursday, February 8, 2007

A letter to my sons on their 7 month birthday!

Chase learning to sit up

Ryder learning to sit up

Ryder learning to crawl

Brothers at 7 months

Dear Chase and Ryder,

Yesterday you were 7 months old. I have decided to start a tradition of emailing you on your month birthday. As I have not been very good at journal keeping, I thought this may be a good way to document your ever changing life. It is never too late to begin something new.
It is hard to believe how quickly time is passing.
Unfortunately, you are both recovering from a stomach virus and are not quite yourselves. Ryder, you are taking a bit longer to get over the illness and we are still not feeding you food. It is sad, because we know you are hungry, but your little belly can't handle it. You have a terrible rash on your face that the doctors say is a viral rash. It does not seem to bother you! You also are holding down only about 90% of your bottles, and your bottles are half strength formula. Hopefully soon you will be back to your normal self.

As of your 6 month appt. your measurements were:
Chase- 27 1/4 inches long, 15 pounds, 16 3/4 inches head
Ryder- 26 1/2 inches long, 14 pounds, 14 ounces, 16 1/2 inches head.
You are growing rather nicely, though you just made it to the charts- in weight you are both (10%), you are both 75th% in height. Since tall and skinny are not common descriptions in this family we are reveling in such adjectives.

In the last month, Ryder you got two teeth. Your bottom front. They look so cute. You handled the cutting of these teeth rather well, making daddy and I so proud, once again.
You are both learning to sit, but are still not quite there. You can sit upright, and even play with a toy, but after several minutes you both tend to fall over to one side or the other. This usually makes you laugh, and being that you find it fun I am wondering if you will ever learn to sit up.

Ryder, you are also learning to crawl. You can usually manage to get across the room to the object which you desire. Your form is less than perfect, but your goal is achieved. You usually get up on all four's rock a bit, then army crawl to the destination. When necessary, and the distance is greater, you add a roll or two in there to speed things up. You seem to be a determined little boy!
Chase, you want to crawl. I believe you may even think you are crawling. You lay with your arms and legs straight up and you kick both as if you were swimming. You do not go anywhere, but you do it with that smile of yours and that always makes me smile. I am not sure if you have not yet figured out how to crawl or if perhaps you are choosing not to. I guess we will soon see. Your level of frustration is very high apparantly, since you never get anywhere, nor the object you want.

You both have been eating great, until this stomach virus hit. You love banana's and apples and peas. Neither of you are great at finishing your bottles and because of that I have yet to offer you water or juice. Hopefully soon, however. Chase, just yesterday, I offered you some small pieces of real banana and some cut up bread. You seemed to enjoy playing with it and the occasional piece made it into your mouth. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing the finger foods and you will learn to eat table food. Ryder, we need to get you feeling better before we can start with this with you.

You are both good sleepers, though Chase is much better at going down for the night. Ryder, you may be a bit of a late owl, as you always seem to fight us, despite how tired you may be. You sleep until about 8am, which is wonderful for mommy and daddy.

We started music and my gym just two weeks ago. You seem to love both. Chase gets more excited over the wild and fun stuff and we are wondering if a daredevil is brewing in you. You love to bounce, and in your jumperoo you try to reach the ceiling. You love the trampoline, the swings, you even loved the trapeze. Ryder you seem to enjoy it, with a little less gusto, but enjoy it nonetheless. At music class you both get really into it. Chase, you seem to have a fascination with the guitar and always stare at Miss Marilyn as she plays it. I will have to have Uncle Rob and Uncle Mat play for you. You both seem to love the itsy bitsy spider and smile with delight with I have the spider climbing up your belly.

I started to teach you to high five. I know that sounds silly but we have fun with it. We do not slap each others hands in a high five, instead I hold my hand up close to yours and say high five. You will smile at me and reach for my hand. When our hands I meet I shake your hand and you always laugh, every time, both of you. I love it!

Chase, you have a smile that lights up a room. Your dimples come through and your personality is revealed when you smile. You seem to love to flirt and have a magnetic personality. You are always checking out everything, and are very observant. You will probably be just like your daddy in that way and never miss a beat. Though there are times when you smile and laugh in complete silence, one look at your smiling face and we can hear the echo of laughter. When you do laugh out loud it is one of the greatest sounds to hear.
Ryder, you have intense eyes that people could get lost in. Your beauty is almost mysterious. Your smile also lights up the room but in a totally different way than your brother's. You have this quiet charm about you, despite the fact that you are very verbal. You love to make sounds that will one day soon become words. Your laugh is more like a giggle and in hearing it I always giggle myself. I would like to find a way to record both of your laughs and put them on replay.
Both of you love to laugh, particularly at daddy. It is amazing how you both light up when he comes home from work. Day to day, you are two very good boys who like to laugh and have fun. You bring so much love and pride to mommy and daddy and your grandparents dote over you all of the time. You attract the interest of strangers and our acquaintances seem to enjoy you as well. People do get excited over twins and we are constantly being stopped for conversations.

Daddy and I both tell you every single day, but we can never tell you too much, just how much we love you, how much better our life is now that you are in it. You are both our pride and joy and not a moment passes that we are not amazed by you.

I love you so!!!


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