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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2nd Generation Friends


Devin and Nicholas Sperling

Ryder, Chase, and Josh Cooper

Ellie Betesh

Max Seltzer

Remember when you were a kid and your parents forced you to hang out with their best friends kids? They would promise that you would like them and insist that you would be friends. I do not know about you, but I do not know that many people that can say "this is my best friend, our parents were best friends too." Yet, this is exactly what we are doing to our kids. Only, with our kids it will be different, wink wink!!

Todd grew up with his best friend Adam Cooper. They were as tight as two boys could be and maintain that friendship today. Wouldn't you know that Adam has a son, Josh, just two weeks younger than Chase and Ryder. It is a thrill for them, and for Jill and I, to watch them play and eventually grow up together. Of course, they will be good friends!! They can't see eachother daily, as it is geographically impossible, but they will be friends, indeed.

It does not end there. Our friend Derek is expecting a son in March. Todd and Derek became best friends in high school and despite two totally different personalities they have a unique friendship that is stronger than ever. Another generation of Stewart's teaching Tovsky's spanish? Perhaps. But certainly another generation of good times.

And, it continues. Two of my closest girlfriends have kids just a few months older than Chase and Ryder. Ellie Betesh, the only girl in the posse, will be going through school with my boys and we love to joke how one of them will take her to the prom. Are we joking??? Max Seltzer, along with Chase and Ryder, makes 3 of the 4some on a golf course and we are already preparing for the wonders they will be on the links. Amazingly, both Jenn (Max's mom) and Rachel (Ellie's mom) are expecting, so all 6 kids will be within in 20 months of eachother. More prom dates and a potential 4th? Absolutely.

Then, of course there is Ali and Erik. Though they do not live locally we imagine how much fun it will be when we go out of town to visit Devin and Nicholas, or the yet to be born Berlin Baby. Our boys will look forward to visiting Mommy and Daddy's friends in other states and their "Are we there yet's?" will be about excitement, not boredom.

And, it continues, with the close friends who have yet to conceive but will soon enough. These are the friends of Chase and Ryder's who will be just slightly younger- just young enough for my boys to have some friends to corrupt;)!!

With all of these forced friends, they will barely have time to make friends of their own. And why would they need to? We have hand-picked their friends for them, right from the fine crop of our closest friends. What better screening do they need?

Will we raise the first generation of second generation best friends that can actually say...."our parents were best friends too!"

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