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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sit Ups!

It's no wonder the english language is confusing. We spend the first six months of a kids life teaching them how to sit up, then soon after start telling them to sit down....

Chase and Ryder have become sitters. It's true. Sunday, they were in the category of sitting for a minute and then wobbling to one side or the other and smiling with delight as if it were a game. Monday, they were sitting, as long as I set them in the position. Amazing to see such a transition. You work with your kids to help them learn new things, then one day they just do it, almost out of nowhere.

So they are sitters, they can now sit and play, or sit and hang out, or as I witnessed today, sit and cry. Occasionally, they'll fall over and bang their heads, but they usually just laugh it off. Although both boys can do it, Ryder has the slight edge in this skill and seems to stay in position longer. Chase, the wild child, still loves the thrill of that fall.

Next skill, learning to sit up from laying position, then on to crawling.

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