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Friday, January 26, 2007

Higher Education!

Why is it that you do not need a license to become a parent, but it seems you need a degree to open baby toys? It takes a real education to open the securely taped boxes and undo the parts which are fastened by a twistie twisted an innumerable amount of times. My lowly BA degree is clearly not enough, because I have yet to figure out why there is such security on these toys. Who is it protecting, and what is it protecting from? Luckily, it does not take much more than a mind of a baby to figure out which parts go where, particularly when cleaning up.
Baby food is not all that different. I use a number of different brand foods, but the gerber foods in the plastic rectangular container always leave me with a mark. There's a lid, then a foil covering. I understand the need for both of these layers and am not questioning that. It is the damn foil, however, that challenges me. There is not a corner marked OPEN HERE, and everytime you finally get an edge up and start to pull back, it lets the air out and undoubtedly leaves a carrot stain on my white shirt! My fault, mom's of babies should know better than to wear white.
I suppose if I had gotten a Bachelor of Science as opposed to the Arts, the merger of buttons at the bottom of pajamas and other one piece outfits would not end up criss-crossed? You would think a creative mind could figure out which snap goes where, but perhaps a degree in engineering would be more suitable. (For a great blog on this subject, click here)
I am grateful that diapers seemed to have remained at an elementary school level, and hopefully their advancement is slow enough that my kids will be out of them before we must have a masters degree to correctly diaper our children!!


mom said...

i am so enjoying reading all of this. So glad you are writing again.

The Pierce Posse said...

HA HA! I have the very same trouble with Gerber food. Only opened one package so far, but couldn't figure out where the easy pull tab was. Really funny blog. Thanks for the link.

Jenn said...

too funny! gotta tell you-my bs & my cpa are no match for those snaps! however, i did use my smarts to start buying zipper pj's!! ;)