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Thursday, February 22, 2007


I was never much of a fashionista myself. I never claimed to be. Although I did attempt at style, often what I found looked best on me was not always what I liked on the hanger. And, I usually choose comfort first. With that being said, I take an awful lot of pride in dressing my boys. I am extremely particular with what they wear, when they wear it, and how they wear it. I never imagined it could be so much fun to dress boys!!
What I find most interesting, is that when I was pregnant and looking at baby clothes (both boys and girls) the stuff I picked out for boys then is much different then what I actually buy Chase and Ryder. It's as if they have their own style, not just a style forced on them by mom.
Before they were born I also swore I would never dress them alike. But then I got gifts of identical outfits, and I put them on the boys, and they looked so cute, and suddenly I was dressing them the same. I very rarely buy two of the same outfit, however. I usually buy coordinating outfits, same shirts, different colors, same colors different shirts, and dress them that way. It is actually easier to do this, rather than having to pick out two outfits....a lot less thinkng and as new mom's know, the less thinking the better.
I love when people notice their clothes, I love when they compliment their outfits. I get the same questions all of the time, do they share a wardrobe or do I have Chase Clothes and Ryder Clothes? At this point, they share a wardrobe, and I try to alternate who wears what with every wearing. However, one thing I do try to do consistently is when we are going somewhere that people may not know who is who, I try to dress Ryder in Red. This means, when it is just us, I try to put Chase in those same red shirts.
No Matter who is wearing what, it is vitally important that the outfit meet all aspects of my criteria. The outfit must meet a certain style that has been created by the boys that Chase and Ryder are becoming.
Even I can't believe how wardrobe particular I am, but the little fashionista that never was seems to have shined its little head.

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Sarah said...

hello Tovskys!

Thanks for sending the link to the blog out to the family group. I am eager to find new ways to keep up with what's going on with the family (especially the youngest generation) while I'm all the way out here in Texas. I look forward to seeing the boys (and their parents:-) ) at Passover this year!