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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Short and Spikey

We've got lots of hair in our family.  Both sides of the family have A LOT of hair, and all types of hair.  We've got straight, curly, frizzy, thick, thin, light, dark, darker, long, short, shorter.    We pretty much have it all.  Even the boys have 3 different color, types, and style hair.

Todd and I often always disagree on hair cuts, hair styles, hair lengths, etc.   It is an interesting situation.  We've been disagreeing about the boys hair since they're first few haircuts.  He likes it short to show off their faces.  I like it longer, with style, and a little of bit their personality represented in their locks.   Every 4 weeks we argued over it as I took them (or not) for yet another hair cut.

Around the time that Chase and Ryder turned 3 they started having their own opinions about their hair and every time we went for haircuts they directed Sarah Jane themself.     Last year Ryder started getting even more passionate about his hair and would spend a good amount of time in front of the mirror, styling, gelling, combing.   It became his thing, so much so that it even led to this hairy situation.

So, last week when Ryder (after only a little prompting from me) decided to cut his hair, everyone was surprised.  Especially Todd.  And, we no longer had to disagree about how their cuts look.

After 4 years of long and shaggy, Ryder cut his hair into a short and spikey do.  A style that allows him to still use his gel and combs.  A style that makes him look older, but no less in handsome!  A style that, now, makes me think I have identical triplets.


During.....though I think this could be Turner


A handsome and happy short haired Ryder

They all look alike, now

I won't be surprised if he, eventually, lets it grow again, but for now we love the way his hair looks short.

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