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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Haircut #2

Ok, I admit it, I like long hair on little boys. Not so long that people mistake them, even just for a moment, for girls, but I do like it long. So, it was a push for me to get the boys haircut for only the second time in their short lives. But we did it, and it was quite the experience. Both boys actually seemed to enjoy the experience. Chase just wanted a comb so he could help but he smiled the whole time. When he was done, he excitedly grabbed the broom to help clean up? Despite my asking, his work did not warrant us a discount. Ryder seemed ok with the whole situation, as well. At first, he did not cry or whine but he gave us a look, almost as if to say WAIT...I LIKE IT WHEN MY HAIR IS CONSTANTLY IN MY EYES. But, then he let her go about the trim, happily. Todd thinks Chase's hair is still too long, I disagree. Ryder's hair, which is a bit too short in my opinion, happens to look really good. Here's to another 6 months of growth:)

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