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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No, You are Just Mommy.

Sometimes I call Ryder Rooster.  He hates that name.  I do it anyway.  It started a long time ago when I would call him Ryder-roo.  Then I got lazy and started calling him Roo.  From there it became Rooster.  He would argue "My name is not Rooster"  to which I would ask, "What does a Rooster say?" and he would respond, "Cock-a-doodle doo!"  And, I would say, "See, you are a rooster!"  He would laugh, but still, never liked the name.  I still call him that sometimes.  I think it is cute.

Chase, being Chase, got upset one day that I didn't have a nickname like that for him.  I understood and so we decided to come up with one.  He sat there for a moment and then our conversation went like this:
CMT:  Well, if he is Rooster then I should be Chicken.
ME:  Chicken?
CMT:  Yeah, it makes sense.  Since Rooster and Ryder both have R's.  And Chase and Chicken both have Ch's.  And, both Chickens and Roosters are birds.
ME:  Ah, I see.  You are right, Chase.  I mean, Chicken.  Good point.

Then he paused.  And Continued:
CMT:  And, Turner.  Turner should be Turkey.  Ya know, because of the T's.  And the bird thing.
ME: Yeah, I know.  The T. And, the bird thing.

Pause for more thought.

ME: So, is that it?  Chicken, and Turkey, and Rooster.
CMT:  No, maybe Daddy should be Duck.
ME:  Ok.  What about me?  Do I get a nickname?
CMT:  You?  No.  You're just mommy.

I admit I was impressed by all of his reasoning and found his thought pattern to be quite interesting.  But, still, I felt a little slighted.  I mean couldn't he come up mockingbird? Or, meadowlark?  Or, mallard?  I guess, in t he end, mommies are always, just mommies.

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